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What tablet do you use? (Asked a few weeks back)
I use a Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen and Touch tablet. Had it for about a few years. It's my bbu ; 3 ;

38. Mani-hime by papyrus-tree
By papyrus-tree

Undercover and Manga


Undercover Cover by Mani-Hime

A fanfiction that I started September of last year.
It's been a while since I've updated this, so I would like to give you guys an update on it.
Undercover is no longer on hiatus! Chapter 19 has been uploaded and will soon be submitted to

And as for the Undercover manga, I'm thinking of making a new page, but I can not get around to it right now.



Now with a fanclub~
Feel free to join the Kenna fanclub if you like her!


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(0/3) Old OC Adopts (OPEN) by Mani-Hime
(0/3) Old OC Adopts (OPEN)
I know I haven't shown these OCs at all, but these are OCs that I've had for quite some time now. The first one is from 2013, the purple and blue bunnies are from 2009, 2010.

Anyways, since I don't use these OCs anymore, I was thinking that they would find good homes with new deviants~ Anyways, here are the prices:

1. Lavender Haired Cat: 200 :points: or $2.50

2. Purple Bunny : 200 :points: or $2.50

3. Blue Bunny : 200 :points: or $2.50

Oh, and for the people that get the adopts, I'm offering a chibi and bust of the adopted OC as a gift. ^^

I apologize if the prices might be too high for you guys, but I feel like this is a fair price. And as you see, both points and Paypal are accepted! You just have to comment and say which one you want, to send the points to me through the "Give Points" widget on my page. If you're paying through Paypal, this is my email for that: 
[Fairy Tail] New OC! Kaiko Sachi REF by Mani-Hime
[Fairy Tail] New OC! Kaiko Sachi REF
If you guys are wondering, Kaiko means girl of righteousness, and Sachi means blessed or lucky.

Anyways, guess who jumped onto the Fairy Tail bandwagon? I started watching the anime (finally), and I love it! :heart: I'm loving the storyline and the idea of it overall~ My favorite is Natsu, but I also like Lucy and Gray (his shirt removing problems XD).

Anyways, this is Kaiko Sachi, my Fairy Tail OC! After watching the second episode of Fairy Tail, I decided to draw her. I was thinking of her being a counterpart of my character Kenna, hence the same red hair, similar powers, but different appearance and eye color. I really like how her design came out, since I thought it would match with her personality, which is in the info below this line.


:bulletred: Age: 19
:bulletblue: Personality: Kaiko is shy around new people she meets, but she is overall ongoing and nice to others. She is confident and doesn't let anything bother her...but sometimes she does. Kaiko does have anger issues from time to time (got it from her father, who doesn't have much of those anymore since she was born), and has to be calmed down by her fellow comrades. She also tends to be clumsy (she works part-time as a waitress at the Guild when not doing her missions, so she might mess up orders or trip).

Bio:  Kaiko Sachi grew up in Edo, with her mother, Seiko, and her father, Shin, who were both leaders at the Fairy Tail Guild. Kaiko had always seen wizards from the Guild on their missions, passing by through the place, and had always admired their powers and magic. So one day, when she was with her mother, shopping for groceries when she saw free wands on sale. She begged her mother to get one for her, and her mother smiled, since Kaiko really wanted the wand. So as Kaiko was playing with it, she swung it around, and gasped when it started radiating. She swung her arm, and a huge blue aura came out, knocking down a tree. Her mother and father ran out as quick as they could, and saw that the wand had a special power. They were glad their 8-year old daughter wasn't hurt, but they felt like the wand was something that was calling out to her, telling her to seek her inner power. So for a few years, her parents took turns training her, after telling her what the wand's full potential might be about (they're hoping that it was her being a wizard).

So when she finally hit 16, she was able to make her dream come true by her parents enrolling her in the guild. She was so happy since she actually got to meet the very people she admired, like Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Erza. They became great friends, since Lucy and her shared a lot in common. But Natsu's eating habits make Kaiko feel a little uneasy....

:bulletred: The symbol on her shoulder: Means she's part of the same clan as Natsu and the others are. Her mark represents the color of the aura that comes out of her wand. She is not able to summon spirits with her wand, but she's able to send strong, powerful attacks. Her wand actually becomes longer when she activates it, and the ears on either side glow and become sharper. (Natsu was joking around when he saw it, calling it "a monkey", hence the chibi Kaiko XD)

:bulletblue: Her element: Magic. She realized what her element was when she asked one of the leaders of the Guild. It has proven to be very strong and powerful against enemies, and also healing. But it's not good at shielding off attacks.

Anyways, I didn't want to make this longer than I did with the 2014 Kenna Vikasa Reference XD So I'll stop it here~

Strawvani Div 2 by c-r-y-s  Strawvani Div 2 by c-r-y-s  Strawvani Div 2 by c-r-y-s    

Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima
Kaiko Sachi and Art (c) Me~

Simple All Rights Reserved! Banner (Pink) by Drache-Lehre
People who I might commission someday
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[DGM] The Last Thing You'll See Before Death.... by Mani-Hime
[DGM] The Last Thing You'll See Before Death....
   Is the two gold eyes of the very Noah that caused your demise.

Finally...I finished this....:faint: This is a gift for the lovely :icongazerei:~

I had realized that Reisy's birthday was on the 15th, which meant I couldn't work on it that day. I was at school taking the PSAT.... TnT  Anyways, I'm glad I finally got this done! :D I had drawn the traditional version of this 2 weeks ago, then started on the lineart last week, and finally got to linearting the rest and coloring it! So I apologize if anything is out of proportion at all. 

Anyways, I've always wanted to draw Rei's Noah form for quite a while now, so when I saw Noah Rei in that outfit, I just had to draw it~ <33333  Same went for Kenna, who I decided to give her Noah form a new outfit as well ^^ I might make a reference of that later~

Oh! And the reason why I named the art that is because in the story behind this, Noah Rei and Noena (Noah Kenna's nickname) have recently killed an exorcist trying to get the Innocence from that small pond you see behind them. So the only thing the exorcist sees is the two female Noah looking at him, with twisted looks on their faces. They then destroy the Innocence, and leave the body of the exorcist there for its partners to find.

Anyways, I hope you like this, Rei-chan :heart:

Strawvani Div 2 by c-r-y-s  Strawvani Div 2 by c-r-y-s  Strawvani Div 2 by c-r-y-s    

Rei (c) GazeRei
DGM (C) Hoshino-sensei
Kenna and Art (c) Me~

Simple All Rights Reserved! Banner (Pink) by Drache-Lehre


By nekotan3

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Love Is Love No Matter Who You Find It In.
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Hello there~ :meow: Most people call me Mani,but you can call me Kenna, Mani-Hime, Mani-chan, etc. I'm just a regular person that loves to draw and write. I also like to make new friends, so don't be shy! You are free to talk to me whenever you want to~!
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Box of Love <3


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Do you guys think I should keep my prices for point commissions the way they are or increase the price? 

10 deviants said Keep them!
2 deviants said Increase the price.



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